Presentation skills training

Your employees must regularly hold presentations and are, however, insecure as far as their effect is concerned? Have you possibly noticed that your listeners partly are not with you? Or are you dissatisfied with the final effect of your presentations? – The presentation skills training can help you.

Only a few presenters manage to hold their listeners spellbound from the beginning to the end. – Increase the effect of your presentations, convince and excite your audience. The presentation skills training gives you the chance to – in a safe setting – get feedback to your own presentation style and to work on it.

Possible training components are:

  • Adaptation to the concrete demands of the target audience: What does my target group need? How can I pick up the listeners to ensure the highest possible attention?
  • Enhancement of security and presence: How can I deal with stage fright and nervous tension?
  • Handling of difficult situations such as interposed questions, interferences, difficult participants
  • Work on own presentations: Every participant gets the chance to hold their own short presentation, which gives the chance to directly turn what has been learned into practice
  • Mutual feedback: the participants get the chance to get direct feedback to their impression on the listeners. Hints and exercises, individually cut out for them, make a direct improvement of their personal presentation style.
  • Video analysis: On request the abridged presentations of the participants are recorded on video so that the participants get the chance to have a look at themselves in the presentation situation.

The training typically takes 2 days. I suggest locating the training deliberately outside the company to ensure an optimal learning environment. The maximum group size should not exceed 8 participants. The presentation skills training can well be combined with a Storylining and Slidewriting Training in which every participant learns to produce convincing presentations. Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a noncommital preparatory talk.