Belbin team roles ® workshop

Why do we find it so hard as a team to indeed realize our ideas? Why do we find changes so hard? Why does nobody see how good the work of our team really is? Why are there always “struggles for power” between single team members? How can we discover the existing strengths in the team and best use them?

The Belbin team role analysis can help you answer these and further questions and further improve the cooperation in your team. The single team members reflect on their own role in the team and get valuable impulses for their future development. Moreover the team members often discover among one another new features of their colleagues. In their daily work the strong points of the individual team members is better made use of and at the same time solutions are developed for possible difficult constellations.

The Belbin team role analysis was developed by Dr. Meredith Belbin and is based on a scientifically founded examination with the aim of discovering the differences between successful and less successful teams.

In the business world the insights of the identified team roles were validated and further developed. So the team role workshop is highly practise-orientated. As opposed to more simple and highly simplifying team role models the Belbin team role analysis offers a more differentiating view of nine different team roles with which each one can well identify. Meanwhile the analysis forms a firm element of management development programs as well as team developments in numerous German and international enterprises as well as Business Schools.

In the Belbin Team Workshop the team members better get to know and understand one another – they often learn with effortless ease to see themselves with different eyes. Together possibilities are developed how the existing roles in the team can be used as well as possible. Role conflicts come into view and can be solved. Missing roles show improvement possibilities for the team.

Subject matters of the workshop are:

  • getting to know the different team roles with their respective strengths and pitfalls
  • in-depth report for every workshop participant with valuable hints at his preferred team roles, his strengths as well as possible weaknesses of his preferred roles
  • analysis of the distribution of existing roles within the team in order to make the best possible use of existing potential within the team and to develop solutions for possibly difficult role constellations
  • elaboration of concrete measures to further improve cooperation

I would gladly advise you in the setup of your Belbin Team Roles Workshop.

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