Team development

You are setting up a new team and would like to support the team building process? Or are there tensions within an existing team that hamper constructive cooperation?

Strengthen your team through tailor-made team development. Common team experience and work on a particular topic strengthen confidence and improve cooperation. Possible conflicts are touched upon and solved.

Setting up of a new team

Support your new team in finding a good basis for the common work. The team members get to know one another in relaxed atmosphere outside the usual working environment.

First common experiences are made and common rules for cooperation developed. Possible topics for team development of new teams are

  • getting to know each other
  • development of mutual trust
  • creation of a basis for good cooperation

Support of the team development in an existing team

Strengthen your team in their common work. Make use of team development to create a common experience outside the working day and to strengthen cooperation. Difficulties in communication and cooperation are settled and the way into the future paved. Possible topics are:

  • strengthening of cooperation
  • improvement of communication within the team
  • solution of conflicts

In team development different methods from coaching, training and moderation are used. Depending on the objective and the season of the year indoor and outdoor elements can be combined. Predominant, however, is always the common experience and common work. Depending on the objective it is also possible to work with the MBTI ®.

I gladly advise you in the set-up of a suitable team development measure for your request. Send me an E-MAIL or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.