FAQs – questions and answers

Here you can find answers to questions that I often get from my clients

Do you offer inhouse seminars?
Yes. I am happy to plan an inhouse seminar for you at the location you wish.

Do you offer trainings across Germany and Europe?
Yes. I offer my trainings in Germany and in any other country in Europe.

Can I book a training in Englisch?
Yes. I offer all my trainings and workshops in German and in English.

How long does a training take?
The training duration depends on your objectives. It can vary from one day up to several modules split out over many months.

How many participants can take part in a training?
The maximum group size ought not to exceed 12 participants in order to enable an interactive training. For some trainings the maximum group size is 8 participants.

Which training methods do you use?
My experience shows that it is important to explore and practice new skills in order to learn effectively. Therefore, in my trainings I work a lot with interactive elements. Group work, simulations, the work on concrete practical examples and coaching elements set the foundation for a long-lasting training success.

Do you offer your trainings in a virtual format as well?
Yes. You may book almost all of my trainings as a live online training, a blended learning format or an in-classroom training.


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You decide: face-to-face or online

You decide which training format suits you best. You may book all offerings as an in-classroom training, a blended learning format or a pure live online training.