Blended Learning

To further increase the lastingness of your trainings, I gladly offer you blended learning formats. In addition to the classical training sessions in the classroom the participants meet in shorter live online training sessions. These can take place between the presence units as well as follow them. The training group here meets in a virtual classroom and, just as in the present training, interactively works on the relevant training topics. The aim is a long-lasting training effect. Possible content can be:

  • Refreshment of the classroom training topics
  • Clarification of questions
  • Support of praxis transfer
  • Work on own concrete practice examples
  • Additional impulses and training topics

Just like in the classical classroom training the Live Online Training offers sufficient room for mutual exchange of experiences and the work on concrete practical examples of the participants. Interactive elements and practical exercises facilitate the transfer of what has been learned into everyday work.

Additional live online training units can make a lot of sense for many different topics. No matter if you are planning a leadership training, a storylining and slidewriting training or a communication skills training – make use of blended learning to further improve the long-term effect of your trainings.

One unit of a Live Online Training typically takes 1.5-2 hours. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants. The training takes places alternatively in Adobe Connect or in the tool that is already used in your company.

Do you still have questions concerning my offers? Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to discuss your needs.