Communication skills training

Have you got the feeling that communication with employees, colleagues and superiors does not work as you wish to? Are there often misunderstandings or are important topics often not touched upon openly? This is where a communication skills training can help you.

Who does not know this: the others understand something quite different from what you actually wanted to say. Often these kinds of misunderstandings arise and end in tension or even a conflict. And the longer a situation smoulders the more difficult it is to touch upon the point in question. You keep out of your fellow worker’s way, you take him/her with a grain of salt – a vicious circle begins. But things needn’t have to come to that!

Learn in this communication skills training how to formulate your messages more clearly in the future to prevent misunderstandings. Discover ways to establish open and esteeming communication with employees, colleagues and superiors. Improve your work atmosphere through a better working together and step up the joy in the common work.

Possible subject matters of communication training are:

  • Reasons for difficult communication: understand which factors can make communication difficult at times and how to prevent them
  • Your style of communication: Reflect on your own style of communication and the influence of different types of personality and recognize potential pitfalls (on request work with the MBTI)
  • Listening and understanding: achieve conversation goals better through active listening, open questions and change of perspective
  • Conducting difficult conversations: address difficult topics purposefully and with appreciation; prepare and perform structured talks

Group work, work on concrete case examples of the participants as well as coaching elements ensure direct practise reference and facilitate the transfer of what one has learned into the daily working environment.

It is of course you who determines how long the communication skills training takes. The usual time is 2 days. I recommend positioning the training deliberately outside the company to ensure an optimal learning environment. Depending on where your company is situated I cooperate with different offerors of training locations. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants.

You have got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a non-commital first talk.