Conflict management training

In everyday life different views and diverging interests often clash. If these conflicts are not made out and solved in time, this may quickly lead to a form of escalation that is difficult to find a way out of. Make use of a conflict management training.

Get an insight into mechanisms that make conflicts arise and escalate. Learn how to make out conflicts in time and how to solve them.

Possible training sections are:

  • dynamics of conflicts: How do conflicts arise? What happens if they are not touched upon and solved in time?
  • discovering and defusing conflicts in time: What are typical omens of conflicts? What can I do so that conflicts do not escalate?
  • strategies for the handling of conflicts: What must I keep an eye on if a conflict has arisen? What should I do? How do I succeed in formulating the difficult topic in a constructive way? How can I lead a clarifying talk with my conflict partner?
  • handling of personal attacks: What can I do if my vis-a-vis attacks or insults me personally? How do I manage to hold a solution-oriented conversation? Which conversation techniques can help me to de-escalate a difficult situation?

The training offers sufficient opportunities to work on concrete case examples of the participants. Numerous practical exercises ensure the transfer into everyday life. The objective is a safe, constructive and solution-oriented handling of occurring conflicts.

It is of course you who determines about the extent of the training. Usually it takes 2 days. I recommend the training to be held deliberately outside the company to ensure optimal learning surroundings. Dependent on where your company is situated I cooperate with various premises. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants.

Of course the conflict management training can also be integrated into a team development or combined with an MBTI or DiSG workshop.

You have got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.