Executive Coaching

You would like to support your employees in their individual areas for development? Individual coaching often is the right choice for that task. The coachee(s) decide(s) what topics they would like to work on. The coachee can work in a secure environment to gain clarity and find good solutions for the respective topics. Behavioural patterns can be reflected on and new approaches can be experienced.

My offer comprises business coaching for executives and teams.

Possible topics are:

  • growing into a new leadership role
  • finding your own role as executives
  • reflecting on and strengthening your own leadership style
  • improving communication with employees and superiors
  • solving conflicts in your place of work
  • strengthening your presence
  • boosting self-confidence
  • clarification and achievement of occupational goals

Within the scope of business coaching the carrying out of the MBTI (Myer’s – Brigg’s Type Indicator) is possible to throw a closer light on one’s own patterns and in that way to develop solution approaches.

The length of the coaching depends on the concrete matter. Usually between 4 and 10 sessions of two hours each take place at an interval of two to four weeks.

At the beginning of the coaching I analyse the present situation with the coachee and we commonly agree on the goal that should be reached with the coaching. In the further course I support the coachee in taking different perspectives with regard to the concern, to recognize his own strengths and resources and to develop possible alternatives of action.

Please send me an e-mail or ring me up to arrange a first preliminary talk.