Leadership training

The way into a new leadership role marks an important step for your employees. Support them to turn this important step into a success. Supply them with the capacity to arrive in their function as executives, to be able to well master the new demands and expectations waiting for them. Possible training topics of the leadership training are:

  • Leadership role: How do I see myself in my leadership role? What matters to me?
  • Leadership styles and personality: Which leadership styles are there? How would I like to lead my employees? What is the influence of different personality preferences on the guidance of my employees? (Work with the MBTI Myers Briggs type indicator possible)
  • Delegation versus control: How many tasks and how much responsibility can I delegate without losing too much control? How do I delegate best?
  • Motivation of employees: What is it that motivates, respectively demotivates my employees? How can I preserve and strengthen the motivation of my employees?
  • Conducting appraisal interviews: For which purpose and when should I have a talk with my employees? What should I pay attention to during appraisal interviews? How can I give constructive feedback, also in difficult situations?
  • Handling of conflicts: How do I handle conflicts? How do I lead and act as moderator in conversations dealing with conflicts?

All trainings offer sufficient room for the mutual exchange of experiences and the work on concrete practise examples of the participants. Furthermore, interactive elements and the work on practical examples facilitate the transfer of the acquired knowledge into the working environment.

It is of course you who determines the duration of the training. For developing your executives, a modular structure over two or more training dates often makes sense to deepen the acquired knowledge. I recommend locating the training deliberately outside the company to ensure a most favourable learning environment. Depending on where your company is located I cooperate with different offerors of training locations. The maximum group size ought not to exceed 12 participants.

You have still got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-MAIL or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.