MBTI ® Team Workshop

You would like to weld your team together and improve cooperation in a one or two day event? Then an MBTI Team Workshop could be the very right thing for you.

It is normal that in the working environment different types of personality and different working styles clash. Insufficient understanding of one’s own patterns as well as of those of others impede communication as well as your own advancement. Tensions and dissatisfaction often end in conflicts and thus hamper company processes.

The MBTI ® (Myers-Briggs-Type Indicator) is one of the most often used personality instruments worldwide, which is employed by leading companys especially in team development, in the leadership training as well as in individual coachings. It throws a light on four personality dimensions, on the basis of which one’s own behaviour as well as differences to other people are reflected. This aha-effect contributes to a better understanding of oneself as well as of others and at the same time advances the growth together of each team.

Support your employees in throwing a better light on their own preferences and in making positive use of the differences between the single team members.

Possible contents of the MBTI team workshop are:

  • reflection of different personality preferences
  • identification of the personality types of the single team members
  • analysis of the structure of the whole team
  • explanation of the different approaches to typical work situations
  • development of a measures plan to strengthen cooperation in the team and make optimal use  of the different personality preferences

An MBTI ® workshop may take one or two days. Moreover it can be used as part of a more extensive team development.

I would gladly advise you in the setup of your MBTI Team Workshops. Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.