Moderation skills training

Who does not know this: meetings that stretch endlessly, seemingly unstructured and without a tangible result. This need not be so.

Learn to realize meetings efficiently and effectively, to react on objections professionally and to secure optimal results. Make sure that all participants enjoy coming to your meetings.

Possible training contents for your Moderation skills training are:

  • Effective preparation of meetings: What can I do in the preparation to make the meeting as purposeful as possible?
  • Ideal course type of meetings (meeting phases): How should a meeting go? What must I keep an eye on?
  • Discussion and practise of steering possibilities: How can I steer the process in the course of the meeting? What are typical pitfalls? How can I avoid respectively get around them?
  • Moderation techniques: Which moderation techniques are there? When does which technique make sense?
  • Visualization techniques: How can I make sure that all participants talk about the same thing? How can I manage to focus the talk on the subject under discussion?
  • Handling of difficult situations:  What makes me realize early that things do not go well? Which verbal and non-verbal signs are there?How can I handle rising problems and conflicts professionally?
  • Securing clear results: How do I manage clear results to be achieved in the meeting and debated steps to be taken?

Group work, work on concrete case examples of the participants as well as coaching elements ensure a direct reference to practise and facilitate transfer of the acquired knowledge into everyday work.

The training duration usually is 2 days. I recommend placing the training deliberately outside the company premises to ensure an optimal learning environment. Depending on where your company is located I cooperate with various training locations. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants.

You have still got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-mail or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.