Storylining and Slidewriting Training

Presentations that waste away without a clearly discernable objective and without structure, slides with a great number of data and pieces of information which make listening difficult – nearly everybody knows this problem. The Storylining and Slidewriting training can help you.

Raise the clarity and persuasive power of your presentation and reach your listeners with the help of a convincing story line and expressive slides with this storylining and slidewriting training.

Training contents are:

  • Choosing the presentation contents: What do I goal at with my presentation? Which information is necessary for that? What does the listener need?
  • Structuring your presentation: How can I structure my presentation convincingly?
  • Developing a conclusive story line: How do I manage to have a red thread that extends throughout the whole presentation and keeps the listener on board and convinces him?
  • Formulating a clear key message: What do I want to say with the single slides? How can I formulate the key messages shortly, precisely and convincingly?
  • Conceptualizing single slides convincingly: How do I design the single slides? Steps and tips for different kinds of slides (text, data, concepts)

The training offers sufficient room for exercises on real examples. If you wish it is possible to work with a company specific case study throughout the training. Of course it is also possible to combine the training with a presentation skills training.

Normally the training takes 2 days. I recommend choosing a site for the training outside your company to ensure an optimal learning environment. Dependent on where your company is situated I cooperate with different training locations. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants.

You have still got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-mail or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.