Time management training

Tasks not yet dealt with pile up on your desk? Your employees hurry from appointment to appointment and get the feeling they can’t manage anything?

Stress and the feeling of not having enough time are typical symptoms of our time. Support your employees in setting clear priorities and making optimal use of their time.

Possible training elements are:

  • Reflection on one’s own use of time: How do I use my time available? Do I set the right priorities?
  • Possibilities of self- or outside control: Which possibilities have I got to steer the use of my time myself? In which realms do I have to live with outside control? Which possibilities to use influence have I got even there?
  • Dealing with stress situations: How can I cope with times of extremely high stress? How can I counter possible overburdening?
  • Optimization of individual time management: Which starting points are there for a better use of your own time? How can I avoid typical time killers?
  • Tools for operational realization: presentation of concrete tools for realization: e.g. for time planning, for use of outlook and for handling of E-mail flood

Team work, the work on concrete case examples of the participants as well as coaching elements guarantee direct practise orientation and simplify the transfer of the things learned into the day-to-day working environment.

The training usually takes 2 days. I recommend placing the training deliberately outside the company premises to ensure an optimal learning environment. Depending on where your company is located I cooperate with various training facilities. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants.

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