Inhouse Seminars

You would like to further develop your employees in a specific field and are looking for a training perfectly fitting for your needs?

I would be pleased to advise you in the matter and develop an Inhouse Seminar well-tailored for you. My main training fields are:

  • leadership training – mastering the transition into a new leadership role / knowing and developing your own leadership style / delegating tasks and responsibility effectively / keeping up and promoting the motivation of employees / leading appraisal interviews and general employee talks professionally / discovering and solving conflicts early
  • communication skills training – making out pitfalls for your own communication / touching on difficult topics purposefully and with appreciation / preparing and leading structured discussions / achieving communication goals better
  • conflict management training – preventing conflicts / recognizing and addressing existing conflicts early / leading conflict resolution professionally and solution-oriented
  • storylining and slide writing training – developing a conclusive story line / bringing the key message(s) across / designing individual slides professionally / convincing your audience

In all trainings I work intensively with interactive elements. Group work, the work on concrete case examples of the participants as well as coaching elements make a sustaining success possible.

It is of course you who determines the length of the training. Usually it takes 1 – 4 days. I recommend to locating the training  sessions deliberately outside the company in order to ensure an optimal learning environment. Dependent on where your company is situated I cooperate with different offerors of localities.

Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a non-committal first talk.