Virtual Meetings Seminar

Professional work keeps changing. Home Office and collaboration across several locations increasingly become normality. That is why more and more often different meeting participants dial in from different locations. Act now in order to make your co-workers, with the help of this Virtual Meetings Seminar, fit for cooperation at a distance and for effectively carrying out Online Meetings.

At online meetings it is often quite hard to concentrate on the topic at hand. Very often just one participant presents. The others listen and start doing other things simultaneously. Often such meetings become an ordeal and come to an end without feasible results. That, however, is not a must be!

In this Virtual Meetings Seminar you learn how to:

  • successfully plan virtual meetings
  • keep in contact with the participants
  • actively include the participants
  • jointly and effectively work on topics
  • ensure tangible results

The training is, corresponding to the topic, designed as a Live Online Training. Therefore, you can yourself straight away experience the hits and knacks and test them yourself.

The training is based on interaction. It offers sufficient room for mutual exchange of experiences and concrete work on practical examples of the participants.

Moreover, practical examples facilitate the transfer of what has been learned into everyday working life.

Usually the training extends over three to six two-hour training blocks. The maximum group size should not exceed 12 participants. Alternatively, the trainings are held in Zoom or in the tool already used in your firm.

For leading staff members I recommend as a completion to this training my Leading Virtual Teams Training.

You have still got questions concerning my offer? Send me an E-Mail or ring me up to arrange a not binding preliminary talk.