Gründe für Mitarbeitergespräch

Do my employees really need regular feedback?

Regular feedback gives security and motivates

In my work with employees especially of smaller and medium enterprises I repeatedly notice that regular feedback talks often do not exist. Employees complain of not knowing how their superiors assess their work. They are worried by their uncertainty if their superior is really satisfied with their work. They often long to be clearly told what the superiors thinks of their work, where he/she sees them in future and which development fields he/she suggests.

Regular feedback is both an essential instrument to keep up and strengthen employee motivation and it is the precondition for a change of unloved forms of behaviour. For we can only change what we know.

Give your employees the chance to develop with the help of regular talks:

  • arrange regular dates for feedback talks with your employees
  • also give ad-hoc feedback if in between something struck you as especially positive or negative
  • use the time between the talks to jot down concrete examples of behaviour you noticed. It is only in this way that you can later give specific feedback.

If you are interested in the topic, also look at my other post on the structure of feedback talks.


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